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  • About the Podcast

    The Unfiltered Truth from the World's Top Scientific Minds

    Hear the unfiltered truth from the world's top scientific minds. Listeners of this podcast will hear health and wellness expert, Vivian Kulaga, PhD ask the world's top scientists and experts to reveal the truth about curious and relevant topics such as how emotional abuse can cause brain damage, or how mind training can slow the process of ageing, over a casual cup of coffee.


    Coffee with Scientists explores cutting edge research in human physiology, neuroscience, emotions and other health and wellness topics in a conversation you can understand. In each episode, your host, Vivian Kulaga, PhD, speaks to a new leading scientific expert about groundbreaking ideas and discoveries in their field over a casual cup of coffee. Coffee with Scientists brings listeners the unfiltered truth from the world's top scientific minds about interesting and relevant topics in health and wellness, helping you apply them to your own life and the world around you one cup of coffee at a time.

  • About the Host

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    Vivian Kulaga, PhD

    Vivian Kulaga, PhD is a medical scientist, and health and wellness expert in the neuroscience behind the mind and body connection, the treatment of psychological trauma using EMDR therapy, and holistic approaches to healing from complex physical and mental illnesses. She has over 14 years of academic and professional experience in medical science and wellness, and over 10 years of personal experience of surviving and recovering from chronic pain, complex illness, and psychological trauma.


    Vivian holds a PhD in medical science and toxicology from the University of Toronto, Canada, and has undergone numerous professional training in natural and scientifically sound mind and body therapies such as EMDR therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mediation and Mindfulness, and Yoga. To read more about Vivian's personal story or to watch her personal story visit our sister site or YouTube channel.


    Education, Certifications, Memberships, Special Trainings and Courses

    • PhD in Medical Science and Toxicology, Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
    • Doctoral-level Collaborative Program in Biomedical Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Toronto
    • EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA - Approved EMDR Training
    • Member of EMDR International Association and EMDR Canada
    • Dissociation of the Personality and the EMDR Treatment of Chronic Traumatization Program
    • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Masters Level, Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Toronto, Canada
    • Masters level Course in the Architecture of Hypnosis by Mike Mandel at the University of Toronto
    • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression and Anxiety Course
    • Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Course
    • Honours Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Toronto, Neuroscience and Biology
    • Member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario (CRPO) 
    • Certified Yoga Instructor (with Ashtanga yoga practice since 1999)
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  • Episodes

    Episode 1. Physiology of Thoughts and Emotions with Dan Siegel

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    Dr Dan Siegel describes the physiology and science behind mind cultivation practices.


    In this episode, Dr Siegel discusses the science investigating meditation, mindfulness, and compassion practices that demonstrate 6 amazing physiological benefits from anti-ageing to epigenetic reduction in inflammation associated with certain types of cancers and forms of diabetes. Brain and health changes associated with early childhood psychological trauma are also discussed, and why mind cultivation practices and EMDR therapy are used as avenues of intervention to restore healthy brain structure and function.


    Dr Dan Siegel is an internationally acclaimed author and thought-leader in the world of child-development and neuroscience. Currently, Dr Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA school of medicine and co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Centre. Books he has authored and co-authored include a long list of over 70 including his New York Times bestselling books Brainstorm, The Whole-Brain Child, and No Drama Discipline. His most recent book, Aware, came out in August 2018.

    For more information on Dr Dan Siegel please visit his website at:




    Episode 2. The Brain Details of PTSD with Ben Dunkley

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    Dr Ben Dunkley describes the neurophysiology of PTSD and how findings in the brain explain symptoms


    In this episode, Dr Dunkley discusses in detail the neurophysiological brain changes associated with psychological trauma. He describes fascinating studies looking at the brains of people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and explains findings that may underline symptoms such as feeling stuck with looping memories, thoughts, flashbacks, and emotional triggers.



    Dr Benjamin Dunkley works at SickKids Hospital in Toronto as an MEG Clinical Associate, using MEG (magnetoencephalography) to study how different neurological and psychiatric conditions affect brain function. He earned his PhD at Cardiff University in the UK, and his postdoc at York University, Toronto, followed by a second postdoc at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto with Drs. Margot Taylor and Elizabeth Pang. He has authored dozens of scientific publications, and his laboratory work has been referenced on the CBC, The Globe and Mail, National Geographic, and The Economist.


    You can learn more about Dr Dunkley and his work at www.dunkleylab.com


    Episode 3. The Neuroscience of curing PSTD with EMDR therapy with Marco Pagani

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    Dr Marco Pagani talks about the first scientific study ever to look at the brain during psychotherapeutic treatment and reveals how EMDR therapy works to cure PTSD


    In this episode, Dr Marco Pagani, expertly summaries decades worth of groundbreaking neuroscientific studies that have investigated psychological trauma illnesses, such as PTSD, and it's treatment using EMDR therapy. He describes the first-ever study to monitor the brain while undergoing psychotherapy and a myriad of studies revealing how the brain is impacted by psychological trauma to manifest conditions like PTSD. He also discusses how these symptoms are resolved using EMDR, and how the therapy works by copying natural brain processes similar to those activated when we sleep. Don't miss this fascinating episode!

    Dr Marco Pagani is a neuroscientific expert in psychological trauma treatment and illness. He is a senior researcher at The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome, Italy, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of La Sapienza in Italy, and a PhD from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, in Brain Imaging Methodologies. He has won several scientific prizes. Most notably, he was the winner of the Francine Shapiro award in 2011 for the best scientific contribution in the EMDR field in 2010, and the winner of the Karolina award in 2004, best research contribution of the year at the Karolinska Hospital of Stockholm.


    He has also taught numerous courses, workshops, and presented scientific works in the areas of neurobiology and neuroimaging in psychological trauma and other psychiatric conditions internationally.